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ello girls,
Today, I present a new concept of article. Indeed, it will include items that will compare two products (High End vs pharmacy), in order to find the same product for a smaller budget.

The first article in this series, will be the Radiant Touch of St. Lawrence (formerly known as Yves Saint-Laurent) and the correction MagicLumi of L`Oreal.

The illuminator pencils are increasingly popular. Indeed, many companies have a similar product, because this kind of pencil to create a fresh complexion and illumined. First, if you find a product to cover dark circles very dark, these two products are not made for you. Indeed, these products are based on rather illuminate the complexion below the eyes, below the cheeks, upper lip, etc..

1) the package:

The Magic has a Lumi pink gold`` package``. It agitd`un pencil and twist it takes the product out at the end. What I like about this packaging is that you can see the color through it. In addition, it allows us to see how we left.

 The packaging of Radiant Touch is more golden. Moreover, it is much heavier and more prestigious than the other. Compared to the other, there is a button that must be weighed so that the product comes out. This allows better control the number of products coming out in my opinion.
2) Price

It is especially in the price that everything changes. The Radiant Touch de Saint-Laurent costs about $ 40.00 for 2.5 ml at Sephora. While L`Oreal MagicLumi costs $ 12.99 for 1.5 ml pharmacy. This is a very big difference in price. This is almost half the price.

3) application
Both cover the same amount in terms of black circles under the eyes. Moreover, both are very illuminating. These products can not cover skin imperfections. As you can see in the photos below, both products have quite the same color. I own the Magic Lumi in hue`` fair`` and Radiant Touch in the shade 01. One could almost say that of Yves Saint Laurent is much opaque, but when applied under the eyes, we do not see the difference. In addition, the brightness button is a little longer on the skin since it is a little thicker. Also, L`Oreal offers less choice in color that when Yves St. Laurent.

the brushes

Finally, I would choose the Magi Lumi because of its price. Indeed, both have the same effect. However, if you want to spoil, that of Yves Saint Laurent is more prestigious to be held in these hands! Moreover, this kind of product is made indispensable in my collection. So that of L`Oreal hurts less to the portfolio.

Have you ever tested one of these two products? What do you think of this product
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