Coming soon: Real Cash Rewards for everyone.

3 years ago

Hi Luuuxers.

Since the move to the new site and system we have been investigating how we can best reward users from everywhere around the world, as you can imagine it hasn`t been easy.

But, we have some fantastic news, we have found a solution which will enable us to reward all users in real cash (probably via Paypal),

Your Luuux$ will be worth the same as Amazons Gift Cards. But there maybe unavoidable transfer fees, cross border fees and exchange rates with Paypal. Which is why we need to be sure Paypal is the best choice, it is certainly the most popular.

For example, we may have to check out in one currency and let Paypal exchange it to your chosen currency. So we would be at the whim of Paypal`s exchange rate and any fees in the movement of money across borders.

We will work it out and we promise that it will be fair and transparent.

However we are unsure how long it will take to finalize. We plan to be able to do this within 3-6 months.

So save up your Luuux$ and you will soon be able to cash them in, no matter where you live!

The Luuux Team.

*USA residents can still cash out with Amazon, but will be able to cash out with Paypal in the future as well.

**Because of this great news, we have decided to put Sigma and all other rewards on hold, until we move to the new rewards system.

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