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5 years ago

I live in Leeds at the moment. Leeds isnt the biggest city in the country, but at the moment its one of the most exciting. Why is it one of the most exciting? Because, its recently exploded with a wealth of stand-up comedy that is trying to be as different and unique as possible. Stand-up comedy doesnt seem as popular in the UK as it should be. Yes, we have television programs like Live at the Apollo, QI, and anything else on the BBC, but theyre not entirely representative of actual stand-up comedy. In music terms, those programs are like Top of the Pops, and a lot of live comedy is like Bad Brains: Bad Brains and Top of the Pops would never work well (I just had to Google to make sure that hadnt happened, because that would be AWFUL). This means that many people might watch these programs, not like what they see, and then decide they dont like comedy. How stupid would it be to judge music from Top of the Pops alone? Thats what the main driving force behind the recent comedy scene in Leeds: many comedians breaking out or emerging now, feel what we have on TV here is stale. Instead, many of them have been influenced by US comedians such as Dave Attell, Patton Oswalt, Louis CK, Eddie Pepitone, Louis CK, and many more that would take too long to list. They want to take things into their own hands like a punk or DIY music scene. So why Leeds? Well, Leeds has a strong history of interesting music and culture, and people in Leeds seem to really care about creativity. Thats why I originally got an I came for the Art, and stayed for the comedy. Thats not me in the picture by the way, thats one of my good friends Michael Sterrett, playing at a monthly night in Leeds which is called HOWL. I would have used a picture of me, but I am very ugly. HOWL is only one of the many exciting nights that take place in Leeds and if youre a fan of you should definitely start to explore what is on offer. I think youll be pleasantly surprised.

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