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5 years ago

Okay well, you know how you make a New Year`s Resolution (if you still believe in doing that and don`t think it`s toxic) and then after a couple of months, weeks, or days, you kind of give up? Well, that was opposite of me. In January I was like, I should start living healthy and all that jazz, but i got really busy and really, really, lazy. Then a couple of days ago, maybe Feb 1, 2012, I was like, game on, let`s do this. So I have been a gung ho healthy person in training. Isn`t that awesome? I started writing down my meals a couple of days ago which is crazy because I`m usually horrible at remembering to do it. I`ve started eating breakfast, doing a small work out in the morning because it`s winter and I`m a beginner, I`ve started bringing my lunch and cooking homemade dinner. It`s actually fun for me. Now, my mom is a physical trainer in training and she`s like, 80% of getting healthy is about nutrition, and six packs are made in the kitchen not the gym. So, as I figure out what`s good and not good for me and working around my schedule, I`ll be doing smaller workouts. When things get under control, I`ll do bigger workouts. Come Join Me!
I`m taking this as a learning experience, I`m not rushing into everything, do the same. Take it slow, learn what`s best for you. If you`re like me and want to start with the basics, just start writing down your meals and start doing research, that helped me. You could also go to your doctor which I heard is always the answer but I don`t have a doctor right now so...

Anyways, comment. Tell whether your New Year`s Res. was to get healthy, whether you`re sticking to that, whether you`re going to start, and whether you think I`m nutzo.
Haha, see ya!

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