Combination Banh Mi

4 years ago

The last thing I will post from Lee`s Sandwiches are their sandwiches. They`re known for their sandwiches so I was so looking forward to it. There were so many options you can choose from so I ended getting my favorite one, combination. I ordered five combination sandwiches for my little sister, her boyfriend, my mom, dad, myself and my other sister who came the next following day. I didn`t realize how their bread look so skinny and long. HAHA I`m so used to eating the other kind of bread. When they make their sandwiches they`re smart because they don`t stuff it like the all the other ones I`ve eaten before. Look how empty it looks. o_O Overall, their sandwiches was good. What so disappointing about the sandwich was that they didn`t have the Vietnamese mayo eh? I love that stuff especially in my banh mi. Heck yeah! I spent $14.95 for 5 banh mi making it $2.99 each. That`s cheaper than the ones by my local Asian Market. :] Here`s what I ordered:
- 5 #1 Combination Sandwich - $14.95 ($2.99 each)
- 3 Durian Dessert - $9.75 ($3.25 each) /viz/che-thai-my-favorite
- 2 Banh Bao - $3.50 ($1.75 each) /viz/banh-bao-lees-sandwiches
- 6 Pate Chaud Large (Pork) - $7.50 ($1.25 each) /viz/six-large-pate-chaud-pork
- 2 Ham & Cheese Croissant - $4.50 ($2.35 each) /viz/turkey-cheese-croissant
- 2 Turkey & Cheese - $4.50 ($2.35 each) In total, I spent exactly $48.45 on food at Lee`s Sandwiches food! CRAZY MUCH? Haha Questionnaire: 1. What`s your favorite banh mi to eat? 2. Do you have a Lee`s Sandwiches by your area? 3. What do you recommend to order from there? Follow, rate & comments. Pictures are mines!

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