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5 years ago

I`ve been really unhappy with the colour of my hair lately, my natural light ashy blonde hair has started to become brassy and yellow.
I spent 4 glorious months in America, and the constant sun added to the lightness of my hair which i absolutely loved! Until I came came, and my new hair actually grew through a darker dirtier blonde.
Which totally washes out my skin tone, and just doesn`t suit me.
I was on the verge of dying my hair (something I`ve just never wanted to do) until I read about toners..

Toners are used on lightened and bleached hair to help counteract the yellow and orange colour known as brassiness. Toners are purple or blue in colour as the pigmentation is opposite to that of yellow and orange on the colour wheel and so forces a seeming neutrality in colour resulting in a white. Blue toners cancel orange and violet toners cancel yellow- though the most widely used toner colour is purple as it tends to be a cover all.

I`ve been in the beauty industry for almost 5 years, why have I never heard of these before!?

Anyway, I picked up the Superdrug Colour Effects in 8:1 Cool Blonde as recommended with relatively low expectations in mind.
It comes in a small silver/grey bottle, with about 4 - 5 uses worth of product. The products its self is a very dark purple and doesn`t have the most pleasant of smells.
You use this product in place of a shampoo, then condition as normal (definitely recommend, as it can leave hair feeling a little dry)

After just one use, the brassiness in my hair has already started to fade and the over all appearance is more of a cool ashy blonde!
and would recommend it to anyone who is having the same problem, or just wants to lighten their natural blonde hair.
I can`t wait to continue using this!

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