Colour Blocked Nails

2 years ago

Colour Blocked Nails

Hey Luuuxers!

I recently posted about an order from ELF cosmetics which included this 3 piece nail polish set. See the original post here:

I knew I wanted to use these colours together somehow, but I wasn`t sure how. In the end, I decided to go for a very simple colour block `weaved` pattern.

I started of by painting all my nails solid yellow. Once it was completely dry, I followed by swiping the orange diagonally across my nail covering about half. Once again, when that layer was dry, I followed with the green, painting on the opposite diagonal across the bottom third of the nail.

I could have used tape for a crisper line, but I decided to free hand it for a more interesting look.
This was very easy to do, but required patience since each of the layers had to dry in between. I used the time to catch up on some TV shows I missed while I was away this summer lol.

I`ve been wearing this for a few days and have received so many compliments. My sister says they remind her of the Jamaica flag a little bit, because of the green and yellow, but so many people have been stopping me asking how I did it!

The best part is, you can customize this look with any colours that you want. And if you don`t have the patience to wait for the layers to dry, you can do them day by day, adding a layer each day so that the previous layer is completely dry!

I will say that these polishes were good for this nail art since they were so opaque with just one coat (especially the orange and green). The problem was that they were quite thick, which meant thick layers of polish on my nail. This meant longer drying times in an already long process which wasn`t fun. And with multiple layers, it seems like my thumbs have yet to cure properly, even 2 days later, so they are still prone to smudging, even though the rest of my nails seem fine.


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