Colors and haircuts for winter

They say that winter is the season most chic of the year. But regardless of the time, what everyone really wants is to be fashionable and beautiful to the streets.


And not enough to innovate the wardrobe. Trends are also the head of the womenfolk. Literally.
Who likes to change hair color according to the season is always an eye on the sites and talking to experts on the subject. "This winter tones that will make the head of blond chicks are darker, like hazelnut and caramel, soft reds and chocolate tones. You can bet that these colors will pan," says celebrity hairstylist Edson Freitas.

According to the hairstylist, Marina Ruy Barbosa will be the target of chicks. She`s wearing her red hair in a tone that is natural it has and will be adopted for the coming winter.

For fair-skinned women, Edson Freitas suggests the blonde tones and brunettes, reds and soft chocolate tones. "For those who still use Californian, advise uniform strands throughout the length of the hair with auburn tones."

And since you will change the color of your hair to get trendy, such daring in court too? "The short will be textured fashion, it makes the hair gain volume and nuances of color in the right measure and further enhances the facial features," says the expert.

"Deborah Secco, for example, is using the shorter model, a cut very young, which causes this effect misaligned and irreverent. Besides it, we can mention Vanessa Giacomo, who is wearing short hair and well kneaded. Became very sexy for her. "

To stay with the court equal to those celebrities you have to adhere to short hair. In general, it favors people with thin face and thin, but that does not mean that a woman with another feature can not use it. Short hair is always fashionable in any season.

"This type of cut is good for curly hair and smooth. When it`s curly, it is ideal to leave in place a product (without rinsing) to enhance the curls. When it is smooth, the ideal is to use the wax powder or diffuser to misalign it, "points out celebrity hairstylist.

Now just up the courage, go to your hairdresser and get out of there with the new cut and color of fashion!

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