<strong>YOU! YES, YOU!
<EM>You can color as if you were a kid again</em></strong>

I went to the store, Five Below, last Friday to buy some supplies for the kids. Because I had no way of communicating with my boss to let her know the supplies that I needed so I took matters into my own hands. As I was there, I decided that a new activity I would put the kids to do, is <strong>coloring</strong>.

<em>To me, coloring helps people of any age express themselves.</em> How?, you may ask. Well I feel as depending on the colors you use, it says something about it. Its like just because Ariel`s hair from the little mermaid is red, doesn`t mean you have to color her hair red. You can color her hair any way you want to. Change anything you want to change.

I started a bit of a habit. Every night, I would color a page. I did 3 so far.
Here`s what I did,

- <strong>Alice</strong> <em>Alice in Wonderland</em>

<strong>ORIGINALLY</STRONG>: her hair is blonde, she has blue eyes, a blue dress with what seems like a white apron (or overlay) and black headband and black shoes with white socks.
<Strong>REMIXED</strong>: i made her hair purple & red. she has black lipstick on. her dress is multiple colors, such as green, blue, orange and a bit of pink on top but the bottom of the dress is blue. the top of the dress has sort of a tribal print going down the middle. it has a pink bow in the back. i gave her tattoos. <em>alice</em> in script on her neck. <em>A</em> without the dash, so basically looks like an upside down v, but its an alternative for A on her left arm. <em>tribal arm band</em> on her right arm with leopard print in between bands. i gave her black gauges. i kept her eyes blue.

<strong>2 cats on a hat</strong> <em>The Aristocats</em>
*NOTE: I never saw this movie or read the book, so I have no idea what color this would be.*

<strong>REMIXED</strong>: the hat i made blue with green edges & a red ribbon. one of the cats i made blue & the other is orange.

<strong>Tinkerbell</strong> <em>Peter Pan</em>

<strong>ORIGINALLY</strong>: normally she wears a light green dress with clear wings and light green shoes and white pom poms on the shoes and blonde hair.
<strong>REMIXED</strong>: i gave her a blue dress, purple shoes, green wings and pink hair and i made her a bit tan.

1- What do you think?
2- Which do you prefer, the original or my remix?
3- Do you still color? :)
4- Would you stick to original when coloring or do whatever color you want?
green hair dress

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