Colored Pants (Ann Taylor, Express, amp lots of photos!)

Yay for colors! A couple weeks ago, I went a little crazy purchasing some colored bottoms. (This is going to be a long post, sorry.) I put off doing this post, because I knew I`d end up writing too much. Also I was very hesitant and self-conscious about posting pictures of my legs, front and back view. Then decided....oh whatever, who cares?

I have been so sick of my work pants, which are black, navy blue, or grey. Usually paired with a dark coat. Too much black. I almost bear a resemblance to the Grim Reaper. That`s partly the reason why I haven`t been posting outfits lately: because all my work outfits are boring and look nearly identical to each other. The other reason is because I`m lazy. =
My solution: colored pants!

Here are some of my recent purchases of colored bottoms; what I`m keeping and what I plan to return.
First, pants for work...
I like that all the work pants below have welt pockets or barely there pockets. I don`t like when you can see the entire outline of the pocket on an article of clothing and prefer when pockets are hidden.

Ann Taylor
Bi-Stretch Skinny Cropped Pants
regular: orig. $78, now $34.88
petite: orig. $78, now $49.99
Even on sale, this is more than I like to spend on pants, so they better last me a long time. I know they say `dry clean only,` but I hope to get away with machine wash and line dry.

What I like about cropped pants: they usually end up fitting me like regular pants, which is great because I don`t need alterations. Plus I`m not a fan of how the cropped length looks on me; that style kind of section off my legs and make my legs look even shorter.

I wasn`t sure what my size would be, so I ordered several pairs in different sizes during the last 30% off sale.

Sangria Purple, sz. 00P
Sangria Purple, sz. 0P
Material: cotton twill - comfortable and looks nice and sleek
Color: bright, vibrant, jewel tone - pretty and versatile
Fit: These two pairs fit me almost exactly the same, but the 00P are just a little tighter. You can kind of see that the 00P look like they are almost entirely smooth and almost no wrinkles. Either way, this is what a 25 inch inseam looks like on my super short legs.

I think I`ll probably return both of these pairs anyway, because now that I think about it... I can`t imagine myself wearing bright purple pants to the office. Plus I think the sizes I chose are too tight for me and definitely too butt-hugging of a fit for the office.

Dusty Cobalt, sz. 0
Material: same as above
Color: vibrant, jewel-toned blue is right up my alley, and not too bright for office wear
Fit: Even though they are cropped, I was a little concerned that the cobalt blue pants in regular sizing would be a little long for my short limbs, but it turns out, the 26 inch inseam is just fine. When I made my purchase, these weren`t available in petite length or in a regular sz. 00. The waist is a little loose on me, but it`s manageable and still not too loose to be office appropriate. Also, it would not be worth the cost to get the waist taken in such a small increment. However, I am concerned that they might become looser since they are a stretchy material.

Basically, I love it! Of course I would. Have I ever not loved anything blue? lol. Plus the cotton twill material feels really nice. I`m definitely going to keep these.

I purchased a couple pairs of pants at BOGO 1/2 off and used a $30 off coupon.
Ultimate Double Weave Editor Ankle Pant
$69.90 (*gulps at price*)

Color: Dahlia, sz. 00
Material: This polyester/cotton/ blend is okay. It`s not bad, but it definitely is thinner than the AT pants above.
Color: I`m liking this forest green color. In the past I would not have, but I guess I`m branching out.
Fit: These are kind of baggy - not terrible, but not ideal.

I`m not sure if I want to keep these. They`re quite loose on me, a little ill-fitting and not very flattering. However, the forest green color is okay and nice for fall. Plus, the 27 inch inseam is not bad of a length on me.

Ultimate Double Weave Tab Waist Columnist Pant
$79.90 (geez why are these so expensive?)

Color: Red Fox, sz. 00Short
Material: same as above - decent, but a bit thin
Color: I am in love this dark burgundy/maroon-ish color. Coincidentally, this color has been a huge trend right now.
Fit: These slim fit pants hug me a little better than the green ones.

I`m inclined to keep(?) these, but I`m not sure if I should, since I bought two pairs for BOGO half off. If I keep one pair and return the other, then I`d probably have to keep this pair at full price and I don`t think I could swallow that price for a pair of regular work/office pants.
Plus, if I were to keep these, I`d have to hem these, even though they are already a `short` length (30 inch inseam), since I don`t normally wear heels this high for work. So that`d be another added cost to consider.

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