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5 years ago

Trends come and go. There are some that should have never been invented and some that we just can`t get enough of. Colored denim jeans have been on trend for quite a while now but are even hotter this season than ever before. The funny thing is I remember walking into a hipster store in L.A. about 4 years ago and spotting a bunch of jeans in bright colors and thinking they were absolutely hideous, fast forward 4 years later and here I am with an entire pile of them.

I had to run a few errands today as well as get some groceries but on my way to the store I decided to stop by the Forever 21 which is 5 minutes from my house to try on the pair of mint skinnies I had been eyeing for the past few weeks now. Mind you they look much darker in the pictures. I had tried them on before but I had tried them on in a size that was 2 sizes too big for me and thought they looked horrible. Instead of grabbing a smaller sized pair like a normal person would I left the store. lol. I HATE trying clothes on at the stores. Don`t you? I am really mad at myself for not having had tried on a few more because during that time they had a bunch of different colors such as a cool lime green, pastel pinks and even lilac. However, today they only had a few cute colors left. I guess everyone is trying out the colored denim trend this season. Anyways, I tried on the mint pair on for the last time and fell in love with them. They are sooo soft and comfortable that I hope I can find these in a few other colors. At $15.80, why not?

Right next to the grocery store I went to, is a store called Fallas (Factory 2U). Fallas is not a store I usually go into because they never really have anything I like but I decided to go inside to see if they had any colored denim. To my surprise they had racks of them!! All for $17.99 or less. However, I scored the jackpot with a pair of Forever 21 (yes they sometimes sell forever 21 clothes there) peach colored jeans on sale for only.... $7 . I couldn`t believe my luck so I decided to look for more pairs and I ended up with a yellow pair for $7.99 and a cobalt blue pair for only $7. Score. They had tons of other colors so if you have a Fallas or Factory 2U in your neighborhood check them out first before going elsewhere.

My point is, just because you don`t have too much money to splurge on clothes that doesn`t mean you can`t rock the latest trends. It takes a little bit more effort to search for awesome bargains but they are out there. I have became kind of an "expert" at bargain shopping over the past several years so this has became like second nature to me but for those of you who are used to wearing designer brands it may be a little bit difficult to get used to.

Spend a little bit more on classic pieces such as blazers, denim jeans (not colored), shoes, but save on trendier items such as colored denim because chances are this trend won`t last too long (although I hope it will because I am obsessed with colored denim). Don`t splurge on colored denim, realize that this is only but a trend. Skip the high end brand names and try something less expensive. Below is a list of stores that carry colored denim for less than $30.

Forever 21
Charlotte Russe
Factory 2U
Love Culture

For instance, MakeupbytiffanyD just showed a pair of peach colored jeggings from J Crew in her latest haul video which retails for about $125 and I found a similar pair by Forever 21 of only $7! But then again, if you have the money to splurge, there is nothing wrong with going a little bit more high end...I happen to think that J Crew pants are fabulous....not that I can afford them though.

What I purchased:

Forever 21 Mint Skinny Jeans $15.80

Forever 21 Peach Skinny Jeans $7.00
Love Culture Cobalt Blue Skinny Jeans $7.00
Pink Yellow Skinny Jeans $7.99

I plan on doing a few posts on how to wear colored denim (not that I am expert of course) sometime in the near future...

Do you own any colored pants? If so what color(s)?

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