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This nail polish is from Color Club`s collection "Wicked Sweet." This nail polish is also called "Wicked Sweet" which is funny, because the collection is named that!

This collection is kind of unique, because it`s not like most neon-collections. For example...

1. These nail polishes have a matte finish

2. These nail polishes aren`t as bright as most neons

3. These nail polishes are scented

That`s right, this collection is a Scented Nailpolish collection! It`s great, because the scents are so nice --> WAAAY better than regular nail polish scents (gross!).

I really like that these nail polishes aren`t AS bright as most neons, because I don`t usually like to wear neons on my nails, because I find that they`re too "bright" and "in your face."

I also like that these nail polishes have a matte finish, because although I love glossy finishes, the matte finish is "refreshing" for a change!

But if you don`t like this matte finish, you can always just add a glossy top coat on top to add some shine!

The only down side to these polishes is that they`re pretty sheer. So you will need 3+ coats (which is a bummer). But, what you can do as an alternative is this...

1. Add a base coat

2. Add any white base color

3. Add the desired "Wicked Sweet" nail polish

4. Add a top coat (optional if you want gloss)

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Do you like this collection?
2. Do you like scented polishes?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)
>Photo by Chloe`s Nails.
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