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Color Club came out just recently with a nail polish collection called "Starry Temptress." It`s the second part to their 2-part "Summer Collection 2011." These nail polishes are all neon, bright, fun colors that are great for especially the Summer times! This collection comes with 6 different nail polishes, and they`re all fun colors!

This nail polish is called "Glitter Envy." I think the name is perfect for the color, but a bit un-original, in my opinion. But still, whatever, I care about the product, NOT the name, LOL!

You all know me, and I don`t really like greens or yellows on nails. I only like pastel-pale greens and yellows. So for me, this nail polish is NO-NO.

One time, I TRIED to apply a green nail polish, and sure, it was pretty (but definetley not for me). I finished it, and I had done a good job, but I had to take it off RIGHT AWAY because I just couldn`t stand it!

These nail polishes are fairly opaque, so you only need like 2-3 coats, which isn`t TOO bad! You can also choose to add a glitter top coat if you would like to add more glitter!

I noticed that these nail polishes aren`t so JAM-PACKED with glitters, but I think it`s still a fair amount of glitter, if you ask me. Sometimes, TOO MUCH GLITTER is a bit, much, if you ask me.

Overall, this nail polish collection is fairly decent, I just don`t like this color, and I would probably NEVER wear it!

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Do you like greens?
2. Do you like this collection?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)

Photo by Chloe`s Nails.
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