Collistar - Intensive Abdomen and Hip Treatment with Plant stem cells

5 years ago

This is a cream thought for abdomen and hip to reduce fat I guess. I was skeptical to buy this cream that claims these magical results because I KNOW it probably didn`t work. I had to admit I don`t care...I was looking for a generic moisturizer just to hydrate my skin of this particular area and as long as this cream has also these properties I caved and I bought it even if the price is higher than normal body cream. Usually Collistar (an italian brand) make HUGE container and they didn`t offer small packages which sometimes is particularly annoying. Anyway I tried this cream DURING my all year of workout (very hard workout to loose weight) and it seams do exactly nothing also because just the workout makes a GREAT JOB :- )))).. Lately I didn`t workout so much because I`m kinda depressed for other reasons so I didn`t move so much. But just to use this all bottle I decided to use it without WORKOUT and I notice that this cream actually makes something I don`t know if it`s just my suggestion but I`m not a kid I`m kinda expert on things like that If I see my abdomen like I was workout there is a reason...anyway even if it isn`t the moisturizer is a nice generic cream if you want to put in that way!! It absorb really quickly, doesn`t pinches, smells nice not floral, you can put clothes immediately. Oh I forgot I bought the night treatment just to massage with much more calm...also the massage is an important step for this cream of course. Maybe I will repurchase. ANYWAY DO NOT EXPECT MAGICAL RESULT WITHOUT MOVING AT ALL!!! I consider it like an help.

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