COLLECTIVE HAUL: Pt.2- Clothing and Accessories

5 years ago

*PIC HEAVY, LIKE SERIOUSLY* Okay girls, this is the fashion collective "COLLECTIVE HAUL: Pt.1- Beauty". This section is the fashion portion of my collective haul which I mentioned in my post that I earned and save up money for. I bought all this stuff during spring break. Yes, I did carry some freakishy heavy bags and probably gained a few pounds in muscle! I took a picture of each item of clothing down and hanging just for reference.

Part 1- Beauty:

Now on to what I bought this Spring Break :)

1. Hollister Fashion Tank- this was on sale for I think $15 which is pretty good for Hollister and since I`m going through a Hollister, Abercrombie, Gilly Hicks obsession recently, I got this and I really like it.

2. Simple Black Cardigan- super flowy and just a classic black cardigan for $5 at A`gaci.

3. Hollister Striped Cardigan (Hermosa)- I found this while I was at Hollister and it was $20. I`m a cardigan LOVER so I got this because all the other cardigans I have are solid- colored.

4. Black Demin Shorts- These were from Macy`s in the clearance section for $7 I believe which is a really great deal! I loved the white lining and the color. Its a bit wierd at the bottom because I wore it already!

5. Pink Sequin Collar Cami- don`t judge but this was from Justice, a store for kids. Yes, I`m pretty small. Since it was pretty, though and not too kiddish, I got this for $5. I loved the light pink color and the cute sequined collar.These were buy 2 get 1 free so I got this and the next two items i`ll be mentioning were the items I got with this. I ended up getting 3 camis for $10!

6. White Sequin Collar Cami- This is a white version of the pink one I got and this was $5 as well.

7. Black Jewel Collar Cami- This is the item I got for free. Its just a simple black cami with a bit of extra pretty-ness at the collar. I can see myself layering this alot.

8. Pink Ruffle Tube Top- This was $5 at Charlotte Russe (sales, ftw!). I got this because I have no tube tops and because it fits well. Its padded to prevent an awkward accident and I just love it. I can imagine myself wearing it alot in the spring.

9. Pink Flower Tube Top- this was $10 at Buiyahkah which I`m sure is probably unheard of to many of you but its a foreign-ish store that opened up in my nearest mall that I checked out. If you like graphic tees with cute saying or graphics, you`d love that store!

11. Braided Belt- this was $6 at Macy`s on clearance. I like it because I`m a sucker for braided stuff.

12. Silver Clutch Wallet- This was $12 at Macy`s and I really like it because it has a little loop to hold on to it. Its a wallet on the inside and I think its rather nice to formal events.

Haha, if you didn`t notice, all the tags are already gone because I was a procrastinator and this is about 2 weeks late because my Spring Break was 2 weeks ago which is why I don`t have tags anymore since I wanted to wear my things!

Hope you enjoyed you spring break as much as I enjoyed mine!

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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