Collective Haul: MAC, BampBWs, amp CVS!

5 years ago

So today I took my daughter out to go pick up new Clothes because she literally goes through jeans every 3 weeks. No joke her legs grow so fast! & it was so funny because the same day I was planning on taking her clothes shopping Old Navy had their kids sale!!! <strong>Jeans $10.00!</strong> You can`t beat it!! But, of course I couldn`t just go to the Mall and not go to a few of my favorite stores.

*Faux Satin Lipstick- This is one of the lipstick I wanted and they have been out of stock for weeks! So I called on my way down and they said they got a shippment in just today!! Yay! I was so excited! I LOVE this lipstick it is such a gorgeous everyday color! & also my first SATIN finish lip stick. It is not as slick as a lustre but it`s still not dry feeling.

*BlackBerry Matte Eyeshadow- Since I have just accepted that they will no longer be accepting BACK 2 MACs that have been depotted I cracked and bought another shadow I had been eyeing. Blah! I need a trip to a free standing store ASAP! This potted shadow thing is not my cup of tea. You just end up with so many singles everywhere! I might crack and just depot them=/

<em>Bath & Body Works:</em>
*Black Raspberry Vanilla Fine Fragrance Mist- I love these new formulations so much and went back for my longest loved scent from Bath & Body Works. No joke I first got this lotion in 2005!! So when I saw this spray the other day when I picked up Paris Amour I knew I had to go back! So today I used a coupon that started on the 6th paid for the spray so I could get an item for free! You can`t get these as free items because they are above 12 dollars.

*Paris Amour Shower Gel- Since I love my spray so much. Literally I use it EVERYDAY! Honestly it smells better then the lotion. I got that the day it came out and have loved that ever since. So imagine that scent but way better...that`s the spray!! LOL So it was only natural that I grab this to complete my collection of the Paris Amour items.

*Sweet Pea Mist- My daughter asked me if she could have this and of course I couldn`t say no. This is her favorite scent. She always get something from that scent everytime we go into B&BWs.

*WnW Spoiled Trust Fund Baby- This is such a gorgeous glitter polish! I was so excited when I found this display almost all filled. I got the last of one of the polishes so now theres a gap Lol I can`t wait to use this!!

*WnW Spoiled Pet My Peacock- Yeahhhhhh is it me or is this name totally dirty!!! Even my hunny laughed when I showed him when I got home! LOL Even though it is still such a gorgeous glitter polish I love the choices of colors in these glitter polishes!

*Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple: Okay I was so excited when I got this. But after I swatched it....I am totally disappointed=(<---Yeahhh thats me right now! Lol I was expecting it to be wayyyy more pigmented then it is. You can tell from my swatches I had to work to get a decent swatch! I am still going to attempt to use it. Hopefully it won`t be a total bust!

*Milani Mineral Blush in Luminous-This is a really pretty color but also reminds me of another blush I have once I swatched it. I want to say it looks like my Hot Mama Blush from The Balm just less pigmented.

So there you have my <em>Collective Haul</em> from this evening! Let me know if you guys want any reviews of anything!!

<strong>Picture & Content are mine</strong>

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