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4 years ago

Heyyyy, luuuxer,

So today I am going to post my collective haul. Which is stuff I have purchased over the last few weeks.
What I shall do Is list everything I have got and then, in order, explain what each thing is and then give a review. (Just to let you know 4 of them will be in a seperate post I will let you know which ones they are) :)

So what I have in my haul are:
1)Justin Bieber Girlfriend Fragrance (I will post a separate post for this so keep an eye out for it)
2) 3 Revlon lip product - 2 lipsticks and a lip gloss.
3) stilla mini lip gloss set
4) Clarisonic Mia
5) 4 MAC eyeliners
6)MAC limited edition paintpot from the Galamour Daze holiday Collection
7) Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo
8)2 Jumpers from Top shop (these will also be in a separate post)
9)Selena Gomez`s fragrance

So the first thing I got was Justin Bieber`s girfriend fragrance (I shall talk about this in another post, as i would like to give a separate review on this and talk a little bit more about it)

A few weeks ago I went to boots (UK well known drug store). When I went in they were having a 3for2 offer on literally everything. So while I was there I picked up 3 lip products, all from Revlon. I had picked up 2 of their famous Lipbutters and also a Lipgloss. The 2 lip butters I picked up were in the shade Sugar frosting and Peach Parfait. And the lip gloss is one of the colourburst lip glosses in the shade Peony Pivoine. Here is a mini review on them:

First of all I would just like to say that these lipbutters are amaazzzinngg :D they also feel very hydrating, smooth and creamy on my lips
-Sugar Frosting is a pretty sheer light pink lipbutter that has a lovely creamy texture and a glossy finish. I love glossy lipsticks :D you may already know this if you have seen my previous hauls where I have brought lipsticks that are glossy :D (I have swatched this in one of my pictures)
-Peach Parfait is kind of a burnt orangy/redish/nudeis redish tinted lipbutter with just the right amount of sparkle in :) Again it has a lovely creamy glossy texture/finish which I love love love alot :D by the way if you can, please could you give your opinion of what colour peach parfait it then thank you :D oh wait.... its PEACH :D haha didn`t see that until now, oh I am stupid :) (swatched in one of my pictures)

okay so now the lipgloss:
-Peony Pivoine is a colour very similar to peach parfait lipbutter with the same amount of sparkle in. It is a lovely peach-ish lip gloss again with the right amount of sparkle in.

So for the next thing in my haul is also from boots. About a week later in boots they were having their annual Christmas points evening, I love going to these evenings so I can get points on my advantage card :D If you`re wondering what an advantage card is, it is basically a kind of loyalty card where you save up points and every time you purchase something you get 4 points for every £1 you spend, you can then redeem these points whenever you want to buy something with in Boots :D
So anyway when I was in boots that evening I saw this really cute stilla lip gloss set which had 8 mini lip glosses, which is part of their holiday/`Christmas range. Let me just say that the colours are all really pretty, super cute and sparkly. Just what you want with the Holidays coming up :D the cost of the set is £18.50 which I think is really good, considering that one lipgloss costs somewhere between £10-£15 I think. Then again these are mini lipglosses.
So here are the colours that came in the set:

-Jack Frost: Jack frost is a nearly clear slightly pinkish lipgloss with a hint of glitter in
-Jingle: a pretty light pink lipgloss with a pearly sparkly finish
-Holly: Bright bitten red
-Jolly- a beautiful sparkly pink that reminds me of my favourite sephora lip gloss that was discontinued :( but this is a pretty alternative which I am very happy with
-Joy: a beautiful hot/fushia pink lipgloss
-Splendor: another very sparkly, pink lipgloss,
-Black Cherry: a dark plummy cherry lipgloss that is a lovely colour for autumn/fall
-Sugar Plum: which is a more of a nude pink/red colour rather than plum with a hint of glitter

The next thing I have in a haul, is something that is very popular in the youtube beauty guru world and also pretty much everywhere. It is the Clarisonic Mia. About 3 weeks ago QVC were having a special on the Clarisonic Mia, where you can pay 4 months installments of £24.99 and then a one of full payment of £6.95 for p&p rather than the full price of £106.91 all together. When I saw this offer I literally screamed and jumped up and down in excitment, because my mum said she would buy it for me :D haha I sound like a little child now :D I ordered it in Pink :D When I first heard about it at the beginning of this year after watching many youtube videos :D I asked for it, but when I found out the price I was reluctant to ask if I could get it as it is a bit pricey. But after a while of waiting when my mum saw it on QVC she quickly called me into the room and told me to order it :D haha so now I have it :D So when I ordered it it came with 4 brush heads: Normal, Sensitive, delicate and Deep Pore. It also came with 30ml Gentle Hydro Cleanser which to be honest I am not that keen on. Charger and a white mesh bag :D
I have only used it a few times so I have not seen much difference, however since using it some area`s of my face have become dry. I can`t tell whether if it is due to using the clarisonic Mia or the terrible weather here in the UK :)
I will let you know how I get on with it after I have seen much more difference to my skin :D

The next few things I got were from MAC. I got 3 eyeliners recently from MAC all from the Pearlglide intense eyeliner . I love the MAC Pearlglide intense eyeliners they are just so pretty so I brought 3 :D A few months ago I got Designer Purple which is a lovely intense pearlish sparkly purple eyeliner. I thought I`d add a picture of the purple again in this post. The next one I got is a super pretty, super pigmented, and super pearly, black eyeliner in the shade Black Swan. I have swatched black swan in one of my pictures. The next 2 eyeliners I got were also Pearlglide intense eyeliners. I got the shade Undercurrent which is a beautiful intense green. And then Petrol Blue which is a beautiful navy blue.
The last thing I got from MAC is a fluidline from their Glamour Daze collection in the shade Feminine Edge. Feminine Edge is a super pretty and sparkly and beautiful pink fluidline. However I am going to say the fluidline is much more of a paintpot disguised as a fluidline. When swatching it it has more of a creamy texture with big glitter particles in. It is better of as an eyeshadow and also when swatching it it comes out very sheer, so it definitely can be layered to create a beautiful pink sparkly eyeshadow perfect for the holidays. One downside to using it as an eyeshadow is that the glitter in it gets everywhere! When I was trying to use it the other day, I only applied it on my eyelid and somehow the glitter got everywhere on my face!

The next thing I got is a lipstick/lipgloss duo from Superdrug - a drugstore - from the brand LOOK beauty in the shade Rose Riot. This duo is a very pretty rose pink. The lipstick is very pigmented shimmery pink and very creamy. And the lip gloss is pretty much the same as the lipstick but as a lipgloss :D

The last few things: the selena gomez perfume and the 2 jumpers I shall post in a separate post :D

I hope you like my haul. I am sorry that it is very long and detailed :D and also im sorry and thank you if you took the time to read it all :D I appreciate it very much :D

Thanks again :D
Byeeee :D


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