Collective Ebay Haul *Heavy Pics*

4 years ago

This is a haul from Ebay that I made awhile back. I got a lot of bracelets from different sellers and when they all came I wanted to make a post but I got too lazy to do so and that is why I am doing one now. I really love shopping for this on Ebay because it`s very cheap since it`s coming from China and even though the shipping takes awhile, it is well worth the wait.

<strong>1)</strong> This is a simple pyramid hinge type of bracelets. It is also in gold and I love that it`s stretchable. Surprisingly it runs kind of small, but it fits great for my small wrists which I love.

<strong>2)</strong> This is a silver spiked pyramid bracelet. This is one of my favorite pieces I got from Ebay. I also got it in gold because I like it so much. It`s a pretty popular piece when it comes to arm candy.

<strong>3)</strong> I hesistated on buying this because sometimes computer images can deceive the eye. It`s a blue and black beaded type of bracelet with drawstrings which makes it easily adjustable. I really like this bracelet actually.

<strong>4)</strong> I also got one in black, and the bead lining is a tad bit different than the bue one.

<strong>5)</strong> This is a drawstring cross bracelet which is beautiful, but even with the drawstring to make it adjustable, it`s still big on me sadly.

<strong>6)</strong> I am a fan of skulls, so I also ordered this skull cuff in all black.

<strong>7)</strong> I also got this plain brown leather bracelet, and I like how simple it is.

Overall, I am really glad with my purchase and each bracelet didn`t cost me more than $4 which is a fantastic price. Even though I had to wait about 2-3 weeks for them to come, well worth it and sometimes, they even come quicker than expected surprisingly!

<em>Have you ever ordered from Ebay before?
What do you think of the bracelets I got?
Do you plan on ordering anything soon from Ebay?</em>

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