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3 years ago

Hey everyone! I was going through my collection and organizing it when I started noticing some items that I haven`t worn yet. Some of them still have tags attached to them. LOL After I was done organizing them, I decided to go through my sister`s collection to see what kind of pieces that she had, just for curiousity sake. She wasn`t home but I don`t think she would have cared since she goes in my room all the time (whenever she`s home) and goes through my makeup, nail polishes, and etc. It got a big irritating at first but after a while you just get tired of asking her what she`s doing. Haha! While I was going through her jewelry collection, I noticed that she didn`t have many items since the majority of her stuff is at her school apartment since she`s still in college. There were a couple of pieces that I thought were interesting so I am going to post pictures of them here. Here is another necklace that I spotted in my sister`s collection. Actually now that I think of it, all she has are necklaces. LOLI didn`t even spot a single bracelet or earrings. Weird. Maybe she has all of them at her apartment. Interesting... When I saw this necklace, I knew that I had to try it one. Its so cute and I love these types of necklaces with the simple chain and then a big detail on the front part of the necklace. I am not sure if its supposed to be a feather or a leaf because to me, it looks like it could go either way but chances are its probably a leaf since I remember seeing a bunch of necklaces with leaf details a while back. I don`t know where she bought this necklace from but I am guessing F21 since they usually have necklaces like these. What do you guys think about this necklace?
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