Coldplays Paradise Videoclip The elephant is really Chris?

Coldplay are one of my favorite bands.

Ive been following them since their first album Parachutes and I think they have grown a lot on those years and have built a great career.
I remember when they were four simple guys who had the dream of being recognized for their music and now they have become 4 famous stars.

Im so excited about their new album Mylo Xyoloto the songs are all great, including the duet with Rihanna (which Im not a fan).

"Paradise" song is are really amazing and the videoclip too, it was released in South Africa and England, the most fantastic is that: Yes the elephant is really Chris all the time even when he is riding the unicycle.

In the video we could see him in the unicycle without the elephant mask for a couple of moments, but I didnt realize that it is him all the time (I thought it was a stunt, LOL). I couldnt imagine that he knew how to ride an unicycle, it should not be easy pedaling with only one wheel, and isn`t anyone who does it.

A couple of days ago Ive read in their web page that when he was a kid he used to ride it, but now he haven`t do it for a long time ago (20 years) - judging by the video he has great skills and did it well , dont you think?:)

Are you a Coldplay fan? Do you love this song too? Have you already listen to their new album?

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