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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

With the temperatures steadily dipping, certain `comfort food` cravings have been kicking in. Even my brother, who likes pho, but usually only has it because I want it, was hit with a major craving.

So in a turning of the tables, he was the one to drag me out to Pho.

Since he is a big fan of spice, he ordered some rare beef pho with the `sate` spicy broth instead of the regular broth. I`m like spice, but not too much, so I usually opt for the regular broth and add some sriracha instead. The spices in the sate are dried, powder spices that leave an odd texture on your tongue since they are so concentrated in the broth. I told him he should get a medium since the large is too much, but in a classic case of his eyes being bigger than his stomach, he made a bet with me that he would be able to eat the entire thing. Guess who won that bet? Lol

I decided to switch things up a bit a try something other than pho, so I chose the Viet style glass noodles. I love glass noodles since they have a different texture than regular rice or flour noodles. This version had egg in it, which makes me lean more towards Korean glass noodles (or Jap chae) but it was still pretty good.

And one thing always remains the same when we go out for pho - I have to order the Chinese broccoli! So we opted for some with garlic sauce. I swear I could eat Chinese Broccoli for every meal for the rest of my life and not get tired of it. One of my all time favourite foods!

What are your favourite pho options?

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