Cold Refreshing Watermelon!!!

4 years ago

Who`s up for some cold refreshing watermelon!! I love watermelons. There are seeded ones, seedless ones, round ones, oval ones, and even yellow watermelons. This must be one of my favorite summer fruits besides a couple others. I love this so much that I`ve tried growing them in my own backyard with no success yet. I think it might be due to the weather. I`ve been trying to grow the heirloom ones so I can save the seeds but I guess I`ll have to try again next year in a different location. Okay, back to this post. Anyways, for some reason I prefer cold watermelon. I have at certain times eaten watermelon at room temperature and I for sure don`t like how it tastes. I love, love, love my watermelons cold. I wonder if it will taste good if I put it in the freezer. I like to cut my watermelons into little pieces now too, cause it`s not as messy and you don`t get all the juice dripping everywhere. I also prefer seeded watermelons. For some reason, seeded watermelons taste better than the seedless. I don`t know why but I`ve read it somewhere online that this might be a fact too, maybe due to all that hybriding just to get rid of the seeds. So, do you prefer seedless or seeded watermelons?

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