Cola Jawbreakers And First Impressions

2 years ago

Candy is one of my favourite snacks since they are fun to eat and there is a bunch of variety to choose from so you`ll never be bored. Add I was paying by the candy shop, I had a craving to go in and pick some up. And of course cravings are too difficult to say no to, I decided to go in and pick up some candy. I took a quick look around and decided to get something that I haven`t got in a long time and that would be cola jawbreakers. These used to be one of my favourite candies as a kid.

First Impressions:

-Look: These jawbreakers are a lot smaller than your average ones. I would say these are similar to a size of a marble. The colour on the outside is a metallic silver. They seem to be quite shiny where you can partly see your reflection in them.

-Texture: The jawbreakers feel smooth to the touch with a few bumps here and there. They of course are hard. Something that is not to be chewed but rather melted after a duration in your mouth. But when they are in your mouth, the silver coating comes off in bits and pieces and feel a bit strange.

-Smell: There is no distinct scent to them.

-Taste: They semi-taste like cola. I would say that the cola flavouring is not as strong as gummy cola bottles, but there is a slight distinct taste to it that makes you think of cola. This jawbreaker is not overly sweet which is nice but after awhile, you mouth gets used to it and the cola flavour is not as strong. And after eating them, you get a strange after taste.

Overall I am happy to be able to try these again. But I think my tastes have changed since I was a kid since I don`t like these as much as I thought.

Have you tried these before?

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