Coke for Hugs: Hug the Vending Machine for Soda

5 years ago

Well, this is new. But considering the price of sodas at a vending machine (I believe one bottle of Sprite is $1.50), I wouldn`t mind giving an inanimate object a few hugs if that means I can save some cash!

Unfortunately, this particular Coke vending machine is located somewhere in Singapore as a part of Coca-Cola`s "Open Happiness" campaign. Just give it a hug and it will dispense a free Coke. So, in its eyes, affection is a form of currency. If only that could be the truth in the real world.

I wonder if they will bring something like that to the States as the Open Happiness campaign. I remember there was a similar commercial a while back, but I can`t remember if it were Coke. It was really cute! The Coke machine would dispense free Cokes to anyone who walked by the vending machine in a school cafeteria. As the commercial progressed, the person hiding inside the vending machine began dispensing other things like flowers. It was soooo adorable. Did you ever see that commercial?

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