Coin From 1930`s Germany

5 years ago

My grandfather collected coins most of his life and it`s really interesting to go through all of them now and see wehere they`re all from and how old they are. My Dad currently has most of the collection and, about a month or so ago, when we were sitting around and I was telling him about my interest in practically anything WWII (I love WWII-themed films, books, and whatnot. The history of it all is fascinating to me), he went and got this coin from the collection and gave it to me! I couldn`t believe it! It`s a German coin from 1938 when the Nazi party was in power. Talk about history!

I`m not sure how my grandfather came to acquire this one, but this coin is really neat. The face of it features the Nazi swastika and iron eagle and the year, 1938, and the tail side indicates the currency amount. It`s 10 Reichspfennig - I`m not sure what that would technically translate into today, but it`s still interesting, especially considering the name of the currency and the power of the 3rd Reich at the time.

I`m such a nerd for WWII history and all (particularly the European theatre), so this coin really fascinates me. I love the history behind it and the fact that it was once my grandfather`s in his collection and now it belongs to me! Definitely a cool thing in that regard. I`m super interested in seeing what else is in that coin collection now, lol!

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