Coffee Mousse Cake

3 years ago

Once again the responsibility of making the cake befalls onto me. This time the cake that was requested was something different. Something I`ve never made before but have been wanting to make. It`s a coffee mousse cake. I`m used to making those chinese fruit topped sponge cakes but this new cake here wasn`t that hard to make at all. In fact it I think it`s much more easier. The hard park was searching for the perfect recipe which I did find after a while of online surfing and info gathering. I did do a trial before offically making this cake and had the person that it beforehand. He actually loved it though. The cake itself which is the bottom part is just a coffee flavored sponge cake with a hint of chocolate too. It was really moist. And the top most layer is the coffee mousse part. I then drizzled some chocolate onto the top of the cake and places some chocolate decorations I`ve made with melted chocolate in the center of the cake. I then placed some strawberries onto the cake too along with one I had cut open in the center of the chocolate decoration. The coffee mousse had a really strong coffee taste and it also had this coffee bitterness to it...if that made any sense...almost like drinking black coffee but not as strong..I mean not even close..But it wasn`t overly sweet like the ones you find at buffets or even some bakery shops. But those are really good too but it`s just based on personally preference. If you are planning on making it for a party especially for kids that love coffee cakes or even for adults who loves coffee but prefers more sweetness to their coffee deserts then I suggest you up the sugar amount. But if you prefer a more stronger coffee taste then you can stick to the exact recipe and see how you like it and adjust it from then on. To make this cake, I had to combine two recipes, so let me give you the links so you can try out the recipes.

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