Coffee Joulies

I dont know if anyone else watches Shark tank, But I do all the time.
If you dont know what it is, its a show where these 5 self made billionaire investors listen to peoples small businesses and make agreements and negotiations, to see if they want to invest or not.
well a couple weeks ago, there were these guys on there that came up with something called a Coffee Joulie. Its this little metal bean looking thing, that has a natural substance in it, that when you put it in your hot coffee or tea, they absorb the heat, and cools your drink down. Well, when your drink starts getting too cool, they release the heat back into your drink, warming it back up.
they are kind of expensive, its 50$ for 5 joulies, but they last forever, so Im sure its a great deal. I know Im going to be ordering some, considering Im an avid coffee drinker.
I thought this was just the neatest thing ever, and had to share. (:

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