Coffee Butter Cookies

9 months ago

I`m on a anything coffee craze lately. In the past month or so I`ve made coffe cake, mocha chiffon cake and now coffee butter cookies.
Now the search for coffee butter cookies started after my mom gave me a tin can full of assorted butter cookies from Hong Kong that I`ve posted about not long ago. One of the flavors was coffee and it was my favorite. The best thing about it besides the coffee flavor was the soft melt in your mouth texture, like shortbread cookies.
In search of a comparable recipe to try I`ve found a couple. They`re really similar, with some minor differences. I one I chose to try had ingredients that was similar to the ingredients on that tin can of cookies I had. Everything was almost exact except for the type of flour used and the coffee flavoring. The bakery one used wheat flour and coffee flavor which I have no idea what they meant by that. My assumption would be coffee extract. The recipe I tried used cake flour and instant coffee. But after making it and trying it out, the taste is really similar but I think the one I made had a little bit more stronger coffee taste. And it`s way more softer. It literally crumbles in your mouth bite after bite. But next time I think I`ll try playing around with the recipe a bit, like substituting with coffe extract or even adding the coffee extract along with the instant coffee, and see if there`s any difference in taste. This means a trip to the baking aisle... Lol. Which I`ve noticed just started to carry coffee extract!!!
So let me share this recipe with you.

You will need....

227 g softened butter
50 g powder sugar
170 g cake flour
57 g cornstarch
1 Tb instant coffee
1 Tb warm water

First dissolve the coffee with the warm water and set aside. Sift the cake flour and cornstarch together into a bowl and set aside. In another bowl with a mixer, beat the butter and sugar until soft and fluffy. Then add in the coffee and mix well. Then add in the flour mixture and mix well until combined. Then place the batter into a piping bag with a big star tip of any tip of your choice and pipe onto a ungreased baking sheet leaving about half an inch or more between cookies. Place the cookies into the refrigerators for 15-20 minutes. Then preheat oven to 350-360 degrees or 180 degrees Celsius and bake for 12 minutes. Let sit for a couple minutes after removing from oven and then transfer to cooling rack.

Now let me give you some tips of my own. I find you will need a sturdy piping bag for this dough. I used a disposable piping bag I bought from Daiso and the bag popped. So I had to use a reusable piping bag instead. I find that those piping bags the bakery uses are more sturdier than the Daiso ones but I didn`t have any on hand. So if you can, use the reusable ones. Or you can also use those mechanical ones where you just push a button and the cookie dough cones right out. Or you can just scoop the dough with a cookie dough scoop or spoon.
I also piped my cookies about 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Now you can make these bigger or smaller but you would have to adjust your baking time. I had to bake mine a couple minutes longer than stated on the recipe.
I have also read that if you beat/whip the batter for 10 minutes, it makes the dough softer and therefore easier to pipe. I`m gonna try that next time.
I also find that it`s missing something. Maybe a little bit of salt. Even though I find no where in the ingredients in the bakery cookies from Hong Kong stating salt as one if the ingredients, I might just add 1/4 tsp of salt in my next batch and see if that gives the flavor a bit of a kick. There might have been salt in there somewhere in the bakery cookies, maybe they used salted butter, where as I used unsalted. It just stated butter as a ingredient, so I dunno. But it doesn`t hurt it give it a try next time.
So there`s my tips.

I was able to get about 25 cookies. I halved the recipe cause I wanted to test it out. It`s always best to half a recipe for cookies when trying a new recipe. That way if you didn`t like the end results, you don`t end up with a big batch of cookies and wasted ingredients. So if you tried this recipe out and like it, just double or even triple the recipe shown above for a bigger batch.
Hope you like this and try it out. Enjoy!!

coffee butter cookies
coffee cookies

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