Coconut oil saved my hair

4 years ago

yes, yes i know this is oil used for food but everyone raves about olive oil and how great it is for hair and skin so keep an open mind while reading.

coconut oil is actually quite popular for use on skin and hair. i`ve used it on my skin and while it does produce great results it takes awhile to absorb and i`m not a fan of being sticky

so i usually have my hair cut dry and haven`t had it dyed for awhile since it was damaged by this girl at this shop that is now out of business (damn b.tch x: ) anyway, i went to get my hair dyed by the girl who has been doing my hair for awhile now (she`s amazing by the way) and she was in shock how damaged it was when wet! she didnt believe me when i told her until she saw it herself (it was bad wet, you couldnt really tell that much dry, just that i had split ends)
it was so bad after she dyed it we ended up cutting off like 3 inches of my hair.

anyway, after that i started to apply coconut oil to my hair for at least a couple hours or overnight before taking a shower. i did this probably once a week on average (but of course i`d be lazy, forget, or just not feel like it every so often) i just had my hair dyed a different color by her 6 months later and she was in shock how healthy my hair was!

so for those of you with damaged hair i recommend you try this or research it a little bit more (: this is a life saver and it is awesome to cook with !

picture is my own, please do not use (:
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