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4 years ago

Coconut oil has so many uses, it is ridiculous! I recently hopped onto the coconut oil bandwagon. I first became interested in picking some up when we were visiting my mother in law and I spotted a tub of it in her bathroom. I opened it up because curiosity made me want to sniff it. (whatever, its my mother in law... I`m allowed to be nosy! LOL!) OH MY GOSH... hers smelled so good! It was like concentrated coconut scent. I was asking her about it and she was telling me she has several tubs of it. She keeps one in her kitchen, purely for cooking. She has one in her bathrooms for moisturizing and removing makeup. She has a bunch. She orders hers online for about $25 for a package of three tubs. I was going to order some but while I was at Whole Foods I figured I would check. Sure enough, they had several different options.

I ended up buying an organic, expeller pressed, refined coconut oil. This will be perfectly fine but I learned I really should have gotten the unrefined one simply because the smell and taste would have been stronger. The one I have has barely any smell and taste at all. For cooking some things that is probably good (you don`t want all of your food that you`d use an oil with to taste like coconut)... I was really wanting the smell, though. I have already tried it to remove stubborn waterproof makeup and oh my goodness... AMAZING! It doesn`t clog pores, so bonus points. It removed my makeup better than other makeup removers I have bought!

I have already suggested my mom purchase some because she has dry hair. Coconut oil is amazing for restoring moisture to hair and making it soft and shiny.

I haven`t tried this but I have heard it is very, very good for dry skin on your feet. Slather some on at night and stick a sock over. By the next morning your feet will be silky smooth.

I have read a lot of reviews where people will put it onto their face and body when their skin is extremely dry (like in the winter) and went to bed with it on. In the morning it has absorbed and they are left with radiant skin.

I know one of my sisters uses it on clients. She does body massages and will warm it up to use for massaging.

Seriously, the uses are near endless with this stuff.

Have you jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon yet? What are some of the uses you`ve found for it?


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