Coconut Milk + Special K Red Berries

5 years ago

Today I was doing some grocery shopping, and I was looking to try out some new things, since I honestly don`t even like that many foods. I`m a vegetarian, and while I was looking in the vegetarian section at my Kroger, I walked by all of the soy and Silk products. I saw the word "Coconut" on this carton and HAD TO try it out! I looove coconut so much. It ended up being coconut milk. They had the Original, Vanilla, and I want to say....Reduced Fat(?) flavors available. I picked up the Vanilla one. When I went down the cereal isle I was looking at the Special K stuff, and I remember my mom used to eat it all the time, so I really wanted to try it out for myself. I usually don`t like strawberries, but I was feeling adventurous and picked up the "Red Berries" kind.
When I got home I wondered what the two would taste like together (since I don`t drink regular milk). I took a little sip of the coconut milk first, and I loved it! I seriously was like "YUM!" outloud lol! It tasted exactly like coconut (but not too strong), a pinch of vanilla, and was smooth and didn`t have that `thick` feeling that soy milk has. As for the cereal, dry, the berries seemed kind of sour, but I still sort of liked it. The two together is AMAZING! I had two little bowls of it after that lol! It`s fruity and yummy and I don`t even know - Just good! I finally found some other foods I like! I think if you like fruit and/or aren`t scared to try new things, you should try either one or both of these! Yum! xox
I also picked up some veggie burgers, let`s see how I like those....

*Photo is MINE.

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