Coconut MampM`s?

I have been craving for some peanut M&M`s lately! My work has a vending machine that eats my $1 bills all the time but I have a new "goal" of saving money so instead of feeding the machine, I decided to go to Target after work to run errands and get some snacks in this case candy to munch on and share.

What kinds of M&M`s did I purchase:

The original Peanut M&M`s
The coconut M&M`s

Thoughts on the M&M`s? Obviously the peanut M&M`s is self explanatory. As for the coconut M&M`s, I was hoping they would be sort of be like Almond Joy because I love Almond Joy candy but the coconut is just flavoring and no coconut is even in the ingredient!

Would I repurchase the Coconut M&M`s? It`s okay here and there but not a favorite candy of mines. I like how the candy is crisp though, real coconut would have been a plus though.

<strong>Have you tried any of the new M&M flavors like the pretzel M&M`s and so forth?</strong> As for me, I`d stick with the originals. :)

After coupon, both M&M`s were $3, so ~ $1.50 each. How did I score a good deal? (Read below)

Craving for some M&M`s? You can get a really good deal at Target.

Print $1.50 off 2 bags of M&M`s from both websites below:

In the end you`re saving $3 off 2 bags since Target let`s you stack a store coupon with a manufactures coupon so it`s like Buy 1, Get 1 Free since a bag of M&M`s is around $2.69-$2.88. You will score an even better deal if your Target still has M&M`s from Valentine`s Day.

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