Cocon club in Kraków, Poland.

Hello everybody !

So my friend Maxime was asking me to do another post about Cracow and interesting places. I said "nooooo" because i was there only once but he asked again so i decided to write about it. The place i am writing about is "Cocon" club. Like i said i was there only once so i can`t tell you everything about it.
It`s on Gazowa 21 street on Kazimierz in Cracow.
My another friend Kinga showed my that place. It`s the club for homosexual people. I heard about it but i was too afraid to go there alone. Yeaaah i was really stupid. So i went with Kinga. She said that she is in bad mood and she is going back to home but we went to Cocon ;D Everybody was sooo nice there. We were siting on the top floor and watching all the dancing people. There is a huuuge dancefloor on the down floor. Ahaha and we were eating apples. I don`t know who but someone gave them to us ;D we were there only for about three hours but it was really great time. I would love to go to that place again.
If you are looking for tolerant and awesome place for clubbing you should definitely go to Cocon club.

This is official page of Cocon club ---->
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