Cocktail Shrimp

5 years ago

Seafood! YUMMM!! I am the only one in my household that eats and enjoys it, though. My husband will eat fish for dinner if I buy it and make it... but he`d prefer not to. lol!

On Easter weekend there was a family get-together on my husband`s side of the family. One person brought a huge thing of cocktail shrimp. I went nuts on them. After that the craving for them has reared up and won`t go away. To solve that, I decided that even if I was the only one eating them, I was going to buy some.

While grocery shopping I picked up a round of cocktail shrimp and some zesty cocktail sauce. I`m a happy girl, now!

It is funny, because when I was younger I absolutely would NOT eat shrimp if they weren`t breaded in some way. I thought they looked gross. Now that I`m older I love cocktail shrimp and think that the little girl version of me really missed out on a lot of delicious shrimp through the years. ;-P


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