Coca-Cola History

4 years ago

The main ingredients of Coca-Cola were as follows: three parts coca leaves (the leaves of the same in 1859, Albert Niemann (Albert Niemann) has allocated a special ingredient (drug) and named it cocaine) to one part cola nut tropical tree. The resulting drink was patented as a drug "from any nervous disorder," and began to be sold through the machine in the city`s largest drugstore Jacob in Atlanta. Pemberton also claimed that Coca-Cola cures for impotence and that it can go to those who become addicted to morphine (for morphine, incidentally, was himself indifferent Pemberton). It should be noted that while cocaine was not a prohibited substance and its hazards to the health of all did not know (for example, in the story "The Sign of Four" by Arthur Conan Doyle`s Sherlock Holmes used cocaine in the minutes of inactivity so painfully borne by him). Therefore, cocaine was sold freely, and is often added to the pleasure and the tone in the beverage alcohol in return - Coca-Cola this was not a novelty.
First, buy a drink every day an average of only 9 people. Proceeds from sales during the first year was only $ 50. Interestingly, the production of Coca-Cola has been expended $ 70, it is drink in the first year was unprofitable. But gradually the popularity of Coke increased, and profits from its sale, too. In 1888, Pemberton sold the rights to produce the drink. And in 1892 a businessman Asa Griggs Candler, who had rights to the "Coca Cola", founded the company «The Coca-Cola Company», which is engaged in the production of Coca-Cola today.

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