Coastal scents black friday haul

4 years ago

Black Friday and cyber Monday is once a year kind of sale that I always wait for since I know my two most favorite make up sites online would have their 50% off sale on everything! Now this years black friday was awesome since stores actually had awesome deals just like the states, but still the states has better deals. So I really can count on online ordering :).

A really nice surprise that they actually gave me a free hot pot! I absolutely love hot pots so this is a really nice surprise! The color I got is called "Jewel Green" which is a...well what the name sounds like. I remember a year ago, hot pots per pan was $5 but these are now $1.99 which is amazing and I would definitely get them even when they are not on sale.

I got this classic pointed precision brush because this reminded me of those Sigmax brushes but didn`t really want to buy the whole set, so i just picked this up. This one was regular priced at $4.97. I thought it would be way more dense then it really was and I thought it would be great for concealer. I got it and it isn`t as dense as I thought but it still is good :), great for the under eye and just spot concealing too.

Since I accidentally dropped my 88 neutral palette so i was in the market for something new. I didn`t want to buy the same palette since I don`t use all of the colors so I thought that the 28 neutral palette would be perfect. I`ve heard amazing reviews on this so I thought it was safe to buy. I`ve swatched all of the colors and my first impression is already not worth the hype. The colors are pretty yes but most of the eyeshadows isn`t pigmented or just down right doesn`t show up on the skin. I`m quite dissapointed but I`m hoping that my first impression is wrong.

The last item I bought was the concealer camo quad. Its been the longest time since I have heard of this concealer but I never really was interested. I didn`t have anything else to buy but I was tempted since everything was 50% off so I thought I`d just give it a shot. It was only $3.97 for four colors so it wasn`t bad. The regular price would be $7.95 which I wouldn`t usually pay. When I buy things online, I would buy only the most cheapest things but after my first impression on these, I would :). These are amazingly creamy, not greasy like the elf concealers and it doesn`t make my skin look like it is dry which is a problem for me. I`d have to play around with this product more but as of right now, I really do like it. This is actually a little bit too light even for my pale pale skin so I`m considering getting the medium color but this goes under my foundation anyways so I guess this would work :D.

What is one of your most favorite product from coastal scents? I have another coastal scents haul coming in with mica pigments, hot pots and another brush I believe LOL. I can`t remember since its been quite a while since I ordered it.

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