Coastal Scents 22 Brush Set Review Pt 2

It took a little while but Im back with part two of my Coastal Scents 22 brush set review! I apologize for the wait and the fact that some of them are a bit dirty. I havent had a chance to clean my eye brushes yet. But these are still some pretty nice brushes! There are 14 eye brushes in this set so youll have everything you need to achieve even the most detailed eye looks. Check them out!

There are four blending brushes in this set all of which are fairly dense and incredibly soft. They do a great job at blending shadows on the lid and crease but also pick up pigments fairly well. Heres whats included:

Dome Shadow This brush is made of pony hair and fairly soft. A little bit scratchy but it still feels very nice against my skin. The small size makes it perfect for precise placement and blending in the crease.

Dome Blender This brush is similar to the dome shadow brush but its a bit bigger and more oval in shape. This brush does a great job at sweeping and blending out shadows in the crease.

Doe Foot Blender This is one of my favorite eye brushes in this set. Its so nice that I bought a back up! Because of its unique shape it does well in the crease and the lid. I love to use this brush to transition from my crease shade.

Pointed Blender Another favorite of mine in this set! Its pointed tip is perfect for detailed crease looks and precise placement and blending. Ive been itching to get my hands on this type of brush and I would gladly buy another. I feel like its a must have!

Next, there are six lid brushes all of which are made of pony hair except for one brush thats made of fiber hair. All of them are very soft and dense. Although some look redundant each brush has a different functions and serve different purposes. Heres a rundown on whats included:

Detail Concealer This brush is made of fiber hair and listed as a concealer brush on Coastal Scents site. I like it as a concealer brush but I LOVE using it to apply my primer and cream shadow bases. Its very soft yet still stiff enough to use with creams and liquids.

Large Shadow This brush is made of pony hair and makes an excellent all over lid brush. Its very soft, picks up pigment very well and its large enough to cover every inch of my eye in on e quick sweep. Its the perfect brush for base shadows.

Medium Shadow Similar to the large shadow brush, this brush is also made of pony hair but its better for applying shadow to the lid. It does a really nice job at packing shadows onto the lid and picks up pigments beautifully.

Lip Coastal Scents lists this as a lip brush and I think it works pretty well for lips but I like to use it to apply shadow to my inner corners and packing shadow onto my waterline
Detail Shadow This is another brush I like to use for my under corners. I also like using this brush to smudge my liner on my lash line.

Blender I really love this brush as well! Its fluffy enough to sweep shadows in the crease and lid. Plus it can be used a nice lid brush which is how I usually it.

And finally Coastal Scents threw in some nylon brow/liner brushes and a rubber smudger brush. Heres a run down:

Small Liner/Brow Yet another favorite of mine! I love using this brush for my cream and gel liners. I can never keep it clean because Im constantly using it lol. Very nice brush!
Medium Liner/Brow I cant keep this brush clean either lol. I love to keep liner brushes in rotation for some reason. Im so glad there were two included! I think this would also make an excellent brow brush. Especially for ladies with smaller brows.

Smudger This is the one brush in this set I dont use. Its not at all a bad brush but I just dont use rubber smudgers. Its a little stiff so Im sure itll hold up over time.

Large Liner/Brow This brush is pretty big! But I think itll work very well for ladies who have thicker brows or want a nice dramatic cat eye. I sometimes use it for liner but Ive been using it to conceal my brows lately. I really like it!

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