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4 years ago

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So I`ve been in search of a wristlet for AGES. I`m very particular with what I purchase. I have something in mind, and if I don`t see what I want or anything similar, I won`t get it at all. Makes sense right? Why purchase something you`ll only sort of like, when you can wait it out and buy something that you`ll love?

I`ve never really liked Coach. But from all the brands that I`ve seen, they have the wristlet closest to the style and design I`m looking for. Something classic, not to obnoxious and I can use for years to come. Michael Korrs had a nice wristlet, but I am not going to justify spending well over 100$ on a small little purse. No thanks.

Well, I was shopping online, and I found this. I was going to try finding this on ebay, but 1. they sell fakes and 2. It was pretty well priced.
It wasn`t on sale or anything, but with the tax, (luckily, where I worked over the summer, it was only 5% tax!!) so it came to a little over $50. I didn`t spend too much out of my pocket. I could`ve gone to an outlet and gotten it for cheaper, I know, but you know, it was a design I liked and there was no guarantee I`ll find the same style, design I wanted. So I opted for this.
I have to say, I`m pretty satisfied with my purchase. The inside is a light blue lining, which is pretty cute. I do wish this were a little bigger, then I can put a card holder in this and my cards won`t get scratched by my coins, but I`m still quite happy with this.

The only thing now, is that I have to find a little shoulder bag, cause the one I previously owned broke =(

Do you guys own anything Coach? Or wristlets?

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