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4 years ago

My husband gifted this perfume to me this past Christmas. I first came across it in a magazine as a paper sample. I swiped as much of it as I could onto my skin to test out. I absolutely adored it and decided right then and there that I was going to own it at some point. :-) Poppy opens very crisp, fresh, and clean. Initially, it can be strong, but give it a bit to settle in and it is beautiful. A lot of people say they pick up on cucumber when first sprayed on. I don`t know that I can 100% say I smell that, but it does have a similar fresh kind of feel to it. It quickly moves into a more sweet fragrance, but not sugar-sweet, in my opinion. I pick up a good mix of floral in there, too. About 15-20 minutes in, I know this will sound crazy, but there is something reminiscent of Curve. Not full blown, by any means, but when I`m sniffing my wrists I get this odd deja-vu. The two must have some similar notes in them. At the 45 minute mark, the fragrance has settled into the skin and melded better. Instead of seeming like a perfume that is just hovering over the skin, it has mixed in. Now, is when I start smelling more sweet notes. Only when breathed deeply, however, I pick up a sugar scent and the vanilla. Also, it seems that it is on the second inhale that I really notice it...almost as though the exhale from the first breath has to warm up the skin in order for those sugared layers to come to life. It is a warm, sweet note...tons of candies and vanilla combined. Maybe the marshmallow is what I am smelling. That is what it reminds me of at this point. It is an extremely delicious scent. Now, if these were the notes, constantly, from top to bottom... I would probably get bored of it and crave something to mellow it out. I find that it has quite good projection. My husband tells me he is able to smell it on me when I`m near him. I prefer a perfume that can be smelled when semi close. I don`t want it to be so weak that you can only smell it if you hug me, however, I don`t want it so strong that you can smell me from across the room. Being able to pick up hints of my perfume`s scent while sitting/standing near me is fine. While the looks of the packaging and the bottle shouldn`t matter, I can`t help but appreciate a lovely presentation. I think the bottle is very pretty! It isn`t overly fancy, in that it is just an oval(ish) bottle, but it has a pink juice inside that lends a girlish feel to the whole perfume. I really adore the lid. It is a golden ball with Coach texts embossed. It says things like coach, love, poppy, 1941, etc. Below that is a delicate little red ribbon, which is attached by an elastic. Even the box that it comes in is eye catching. It is a red with white and spatterings of yellow text. The top, where the logo is show, is golden. I think the bottle is pretty enough to be out on display on a mirrored tray. Mine, however, is kept in its box in a corner shelving unit to preserve the perfume. It is best to store fragrance in dark, cooler areas, so I have tried to do this as much as possible. Over all, I really enjoy this perfume. I have been wearing it quite often, even though most believe it is best suited to spring and summer. I just can`t get enough of it. As with any fragrance, it is very personal, too. While I really love that it goes from crisp and fresh to sweet and youthful, others will think that somehow makes it boring. The official notes are as follows... Top: sweet, cucumber, marshmallow Mid: mandarin orange, vanille, freesia, water lily Base: gardenia, rose, sandalwood, jasmine, Virginia cedar
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