Coach or First Class?

3 years ago

I`ve recently switched hand bags to a much smaller over the shoulder Disney Dooney, and tragically my wallet would not fit in this little bag, no matter how I shoved, shuffled, or bent it. This meant i needed a new wallet.
I decided to tag along with my mom to the Coach Outlet we have about 45 minutes away from where I live, she wanted to get a new handbag and naturally I had my own agenda.
I know people who look down on those of us who take advantage of outlet stores, and if you`re not sold on this dazzling sale shop yet, let me help you out by telling you how much I didn`t spend.
After rummaging and racking through the displays I narrowed my wallet list down to three different ones and couldn`t pick one, until I found the beautiful dual wallet phone case. I dropped all the other wallets I had (back in their bins) and picked up this black beauty.
Now this little phone wallet only has 3 card slots, so I picked up the little slick black card holder, considering I never carry cash on me this little guy is perfect!
The powder blue change purse is a gift for my baby sister! She doesn`t ask for much to often, so i thought it would be a nice surprise for her.
Okay now let me tell you what all this cost:
Phone Wallet: $78.00
Card Holder: $48.00
Change Purse: $78.00
which is a whopping total of $204.00
well it would have been, except everything I bought was on sale.
The sale price for these items were
Phone wallet: $49.00
Card holder: $29.00
Change Purse: $29.00
Total: $107.00 and no I still didn`t pay that much.
The sale didn`t stop there upon entering the shop we were given a coupon for 30% off the entire purchase and an additional 20% off.
so after the additional percentage off my total came to a stunning $59.92
Don`t let yourself be tricked out of designer brands by over inflated price tags, and don`t let anyone shame you out of stopping into the outlet stores and seeing whats on sale this week.
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