Those of you familiar with the Co - wash (conditioner wash only)? This is a method for washing the hair in a gentle way without the ulitizzo of the shampoo.
Reading some news on the web I discovered this technique I was very curious so I decided to try it myself and talk to you.

How is the co wash?
Simple! You must instead INDOOR balm to shampoo. The key is to choose wisely a balm free of silicones, very suitable in this case is the balm "Splend`or" coconut that you can find in supermarkets at a price extremely negligible.
You can also add sugar to make a gentle scrub to the skin but now I will explain the procedure.

Pour into a glass the balm for the amount you can regolarvi with "lines" typical of glasses. You have to fill up the last line on this. Then add 2 teaspoons of sugar.
Pour the mixture into wet hair and started to massage (the sugar will dissolve in the meantime), continue for about 3/4 minutes. The massage phase takes more time than the shampoo as well as the rinse. One must be careful to wash your hair up to remove any traces of conditioner to get the best results.

I must say I`m excited about this technology, leaves hair soft and slightly shiny. They are easy to comb and free of knots, it is a pleasure to feel the effect!
With regard to the distance between a co wash and the other, in washing the hair one day and one not, alternating at each washing the shampoo to the conditioner. If I can use this method pù times.

I`ve read about girls who have gone completely to co wash and have benefited. Obviously you have to be constant, the hair needs to get used to the products without silicones then initially it might seem that getting dirty before. The use of sugar makes the technique ideal for oily hair so I would say that is quite versatile.

As you already know I promote with flying colors the couple "balm & sugar", can not resist the feeling of softness and lightness that gives me every time.

If you have already tried, or if you plan to try it let me know!
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