CND Tropic Coral amp Raspberry Sparkle Layering

5 years ago

I have recently gotten into CND polishes more. I started off just enjoying their effects side of the range. I would use them to layer over all of my other polishes. Formulation was nice, the brush was perfect, and they were pretty. I figured it was about time I played around more with their actual colors. I bought a couple and let me just say, they`re quite nice and I`m a fan. This one is Tropic Coral. It is what it says: Coral. It leans more to the orange side of the coral spectrum, which I normally don`t like. I can`t tell you what it is, but something about this one makes me really enjoy it. I wouldn`t really call this one a jelly finish but at the same time it isn`t a true creme. It is a strange in between. It has a bit of a squishy look to it, but not nearly as much as some. Tropic Coral was a breeze to work with. I love, love, love working with these. They give me no troubles what so ever! It was just thin enough that it would level itself and smooth on easily. It wasn`t so thin that it pooled into the cuticles. I am wearing two coats in these pictures, which I found to be perfect. Something else to take note of is the brush on CND polishes. I really like them. They are flat and paddle style like a lot of brands now. I`d say it is most similar to OPI, but smaller. It is still paddle style but not quite as fat as OPI`s. That could be amazing for those who don`t like the OPI brush because it is too large for their nail bed size. Because this one is smaller, it still functions like the paddle style but it would be more friendly to those with thinner, smaller nail beds. It is like the petite sister to OPI. I, typically, prefer the chunkier ones, but this brush is also nice and soft, so it splays out well for me. WINNING! (I wonder how long we can get away with that) Sticking with CND, I layered some sparkle! Ooo, shimmery goodness! I only have three of the effects polishes right now. One to fit into the cool, neutral, and warm categories. This one is labeled as a neutral and the only one I hadn`t tried yet. It is Raspberry Sparkle. The consistency and ease of application was exactly the same as all the other CND polishes. It was a perfect polish dream. This one ended up paring nicely, I think. It added a purple gleam to the coral and, in some lights, made the coral lean more pink. It just really livened up the entire manicure. At the end of my manicure I had a total of five coats on my nails: Base, 2 coats of Tropic Coral, 1 coat of Raspberry Sparkle, and Top Coat. This sounds like a lot but CND never seems to feel or look thick when you layer them like that. Another plus for CND! Do I suggest these polishes? YES! I absolutely do. I have yet to come across one that I don`t like or that gives me any kind of trouble. Every time I use them, it just reminds me of why I am so eager to get more to expand my collection. (first three photos are just the Tropic Coral. The last three photos are the layering of Raspberry Sparkle over the top)
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