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4 years ago

These last 4 years I`m having the worst nail strenght that you can possibly think about nails. They split so bat and they are insanely weak. I`m really sad for them because me that I love nice long nails and not having them is such a pain....some people that can`t stand them long have the most beautiful nails in the world. I think that nails change all the look of the hand and make it more sexy and gentle and feminine.
In order to make them stronger I almost tried everything and almost anything work well.
I tried chemicals things or natural but really,....nothing has changed in the look of my nails unfortunately.
One product that seams to work well was the Nail Treatment by Trind but as long as it contains Formaldeide once I finished the bottle I stopped of using it.
Lately I`m using Sally Hansen but it makes my nails grow just few millimitres in 2 or 3 weeks.
For this oil treatment is from CND and it is the first product that I tried from this brand. I receveid in my second Glossy Box but I used it twice because I really don`t know how to use it plus I can`t stand the feelings of it on my nails they seams so sticky and seams to didn`t receive any nutrition from it.
I often force myself of using it but I really don`t want!! It`s so annoying having oily feelings on your hand. This bottle though has a nice brush and it`s more easy to use than other oil treatment that works just for cuticles that I get the chance to try in the past.
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