Clumpy Mascara? Heres how to Avoid It

pic not mine,
one thing i gotta say is clumpy mascara is not
attractive at all, i once saw this girl in a hospital pit
the upper lashes and lower lashes super clumpy like
this picture doesnt compare to it, it was just like
well heres some ways you can avoid clumpy mascara

first of all clumpyness can be caused because of the way your mascara is stored,
the cleanliness of the brush and how you clean the brush,
you should clean the mascara brush AT LEAST 2 TWICE A WEEK.

1. wipe of the mascara off the wand
you can use makeup remover
2. clean the bristles of the mascara wand with a cloth and makeup remover
3. rinse the wand under water and let it air dry
4.Remove any mascara from the threads of the mascara tube using a cloth and makeup remover. This is important for creating a good seal when you close the tube.
5. close the mascara tube tightly, if not air will go in and dry up the mascara and that can cause clumps
6. DO NOT PUMP YOUR MASCARA UP AND DOWN, its better if you swirl it to get mascara on the wand....

and thats pretty much it,

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