Cloud Atlas review

4 years ago

Hi everyone,
So the other day i finally decided to watch this movie, once again without knowing nothing about it, i got to say that blew me away, awesome movie!
This movie documents life from the past to the future, showing the consequences in the future of things that were made in the past. The time line is always jumping, from present to past, past to future, future to even more past and to even more future and so on. It`s kinf of hard to explain the story but long story short, all the stories are connected between then besides the time difference between them.
It is full of celebrity actors, Tom Hanks,, Hale Berry, Jim Boradbent, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Jim Sturgess among many others, and other thing is that the actors play many of the characters thru time, it is awesome!!
I really liked and i recommend it!!!

Have you seen it?
What you think?

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