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2 years ago

Yes I know what you`re thinking `EWW cloth diapers are so gross.` Really it`s not so bad I promise.
Look at it this way disposable diaper`s take a really long time to decompose
No one really knows how long it takes to decompose since they haven`t been around long enough to find out. Because of this disposable diapers are taking up A LOT of space in landfills. By switching to cloth diapers you`ll be making less trash. This website here touches on a lot of reasons to switch to cloth. It also breaks down the cost of cloth vs disposable.

I just started using cloth diapers but so far I do like it. I like AIO `s best for day time and Fitted with a cover for night. (Right Now. This could change over time). I also like that I can use the same diapers for my 2 year old as I do for my 8 week old. There`s no more needing to buy different sized diapers.

I do have to do more washing but it`s worth it for me.

Now to talk about washing I use Foca which you can get Here and Here. I also use a little bit of liquid Tide for the scent.
Now DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER it can mess your diapers up and they won`t work right after that.
If you buy used or your diapers just aren`t holding pee in like they should. You may need to strip them. I strip mine by soaking them in the washer with 1/4cup backing soda 1/8cup borax you can also put them in the bath tub with a little bit of bleach. Then washing like I normally would.
To wash I do a pre-rinse with baking soda and borax. Then I wash in hot water with some foca and alittle bit of Tide for smell. . I do have Iron hard water so this may not work for every one.
I dry them on the line for a little while then bring them in and fluff them in the dryer. You can also put them straight into the dryer but they may wear out faster.

Does anyone here cloth diaper? If so how do you like it?

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