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When I moved into a new apartment, I planned on keeping everything organized, to make looking for things easier. I have two big closets and I thought I would keep it clean and neat. In my closet was a built in rack with a top shelf over where I hang my clothes. Instead of just throwing things up there and never finding what I needed, I bought a bunch of shoe bins at Walmart for $1 each. I have so many nick nacks that I wanted to keep together, but didn`t have enough draw space.

All you need is labels, and shoe bins! It`s that simple!

First, I decided to see what "things" I had. I took all my stuff and organized it into groups. I had a ton of office supplies that I put into two bins. Before I made my nail polish rack, I had decided to put all my nail supplies in another bin. I still have my bin and in it I put cotton balls, nail polish remover, cuticle trimmers, and nail clippers. I love stationary, and write to my grandma often. I put all my blank cards and thank you notes in another bin. I have another bin full of electronic stuff like extra chargers, camera cords, usb cords, and blank cds.

Another bin is filled with medical supplies. Little tissue packs, cold medicine and band aids. I also had a lot of wallets and change purses that I made a bin for!

I labeled them all so that I can see what each bin holds. I also decided to use clear bins to see the contents as well. This is a very inexpensive and easy way to keep all your things organized and not in a junk draw or at the bottom of your closet.

All of the bins have lids on them and they stack well too! If you have lots of odds and ends, I suggest you try to organize your closet space like I did. I hope this helps someone out there who needs a little early spring cleaning!

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