Closet Overhaul-Clothes amp Shoes

So I`ve been on a reorganizing kick since the new year started. You know trying to start the year off right or what have you! So I began with my closet! I took off the door and went through all my clothes. Oh boy, was that easier than I thought! I was taking things out left and right! I`ve heard that it`s a good idea to put your hangers facing the opposite way and after 6 months or a year check which ones are still that way and donate or sell them. I`ve never personally tried it, but it sounds like a great idea! When I`m on a serious organizing kick I try not to lie to myself and seriously asses what I am going to use or not. So, like I said it was easy for me to take at least the oldest items out. I color organized my clothes from `thinnest` to `thickest.` What I mean by that is the most summer-y items in the front and the most winter-y in the back (think tank tops to cardigans). On my bottom rack I just hung up my jeans and then my skirts in no particular order. In the far back I hung up my dresses by color also.
Now my shoes are a whole different story! I hate getting rid of my shoes! I`ll only do so if they`re literally falling apart. Because of this (and an unhealthy addiction to buying shoes) I have A LOT of shoes and no where to put then. So I decided to use the awkward built in for my shoes (there used to be shirts there. I`ll do another post on how I ended up organizing those). It`s not enough since I have shoes on the floor still and two little shoe racks that waste so much space.
(I`ll do a separate post on the vanity I built myself!)

Do you have any helpful organizing tips? What works best for you?
Most importantly how do you organize you`re shoes?!
How do you decide what to get rid of? And what do you do with it? Donate, sell, Ebay etc.

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