Clippers` future depends on Blake Griffin`s growth

4 years ago

A year ago, the Clippers welcomed Griffin`s air show and nightly highlights. Jumping over a car works well when the prime objective is to sell tickets and sponsorships. Yet, Paul`s arrival has changed the expectations for the franchise and Griffin himself. Paul has blamed only himself for his team`s struggles, but the Clippers likely weren`t winning this series against the deeper, more experienced Spurs even if he were healthy. The goal now is to build off this season`s success. Spurs are a veteran team and unlikely to lose against the Clippers, but the Clippers are gaining playoff experience that they can grow and mature with.
"I dont care how much youre up or down, you having to keep fighting," Del Negro said, "and take every minute out there as a learning experience."
Another lesson could await the Clippers when they return to the Staples Center on Sunday night, needing a win to prolong their season. The real test for Griffin begins when it ends. Blake Griffin is definitely an asset to the Los Angeles Clippers and can have many new or old players grow around him. I do not think he deserved to be an All-Star this last year, but he deserves recognition. I do wish Monta Ellis was chosen to be an All-Star because believe it or not, look at his game logs when he was with the Golden State Warriors. From my perspective, CP3 has many options in Lob City, such as Griffin, De Andre Jordan, Kenyon Martin, and Caron Butler. Caron is playing through an injury which is slowing him down as seen in the other playoff games against the Spurs. Other players have good team chemistry as well such as Eric Bledsoe, but I know the Clippers truly in need Chauncey Billups veteran presence, 3-point shooting, and leadership

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