Clinique`s Even Better Dark Spot Corrector

5 years ago

Hey there!

So I had already done a post/review about this product, I was disappointed because it had not worked for me and I was kinda pissed because it is expensive ^^`

But lately I`ve been stuggling with some skin care issues (I did a very very bad allergical reaction which caused blotches on my face and body, it was horrible...) but anyways it went away BUT I still had marks on my skin, on my face! And I didn`t know what to do so I changed everything in my skin care routine; from the cleanser to the cream and I decided to use this Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector again...

And now it works! Unbelievable lol
It helped me get rid of the marks left on my skin so quickly whereas I had been struggling with them for 2 weeks! It is just amazing... Honestly I didn`t think it would work but I was so desperate lol And I`m glas I had not tossed it in the trash ^^`

So yeah, mea culpa, this product did work for me ;)
Have a great one everybody =)

*Picture is mine, don`t use it*

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